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Hi, Harry here. Raising Homing Pigeons I wonder how you first got interested in raising homing pigeons? For me, it was when I found one in the yard, being attacked by a large black crow. The poor thing was absolutely worn out and did not have enough energy left to defend itself. Well, I chased […]

Racing Pigeon Lofts. Racing Pigeon lofts. If you are serious about raising homing pigeons healthily (and they will need to be if you want to be a success at racing pigeons), you need a proper racing pigeon loft. There are a number of factors to take into account. Build A new Pigeon Loft. You are […]

This tells you everything you’ll need to know (a lot more than I do). Click Here To See The Book! Here are some pigeon racing books, pigeon breeding books and books on pigeon nutrition. Racing Pigeon Books   1/ The Pigeon Racing Formula   2/ How to Breed, Race, Win and Make Money with Racing […]

Feeding Racing Pigeons – What Do Pigeons Eat? What’s the best sort of food for feeding racing pigeons? Ideally, Pigeons should be fed a couple of times a day with a mixture of grains and pellets.  You can get Pigeon pellets at most feed stores. Feeding racing pigeons – supplements. You should also give them […]

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Hi, Harry here. My nephew Josh did the site. A while back, I thought pigeons were pests that just ate crops. I'd never really took much notice of homer pigeons. That all changed one day when ... more