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Here are some pigeon racing books, pigeon breeding books and books on pigeon nutrition.

Racing Pigeon Books


1/ The Pigeon Racing Formula


2/ How to Breed, Race, Win and Make Money with Racing Pigeons


Book 1

Pigeon racing books-MODULE 1; The loft.

Planning for loft construction.
Types of Lofts.
Elements of a loft.
Main elements (external & internal).
Loft management.
Consistency in the loft.
Building relationships.
Cleanliness and hygiene.
Record Keeping.
Disease prevention.
The culling period.

Pigeon racing books-MODULE 2; Stock Selection

The foundation.
Long distance vs Short distance.
What to look for in a racing homer.
Characteristics of of a strong racer.
Characteristics to avoid.
Obtaining quality birds.
Settling birds to the loft.
Loft breaking.

Pigeon racing books-MODULE 3; Feeding & Nutrition.

Nutritional background.
Basic nutritional requirements.
Breeding season nutrition.
Moult & off season nutrition.
Training & racing nutrition.
Old bird nutritional requirements.

Pigeon racing books- Module 4; Breeding & Mating

Establishing goals.
Foundation stock.
Sexing & courtship.
When to pair.
The nest.
Hatching, banding & weaning.
Breeding techniques (in breeding, over breeding,out crossing, line breeding).
Breeding records.

Pigeon racing books – MODULE 5; Training & Conditioning.

Building a relationship.
Building confidence and the foundation for future competition.
Choosing the right training schedule.
Training old birds (incl old bird team make up).
Training young birds (incl young bird team make up).
Young bird training schedule.
Training systems (The natural system, the widowhood & double widowhood system, the celibasy system, the jealousy system, young bird variations etc).

The author also includes a number of bonus books including…

The instant pigeon vet (28 diseases, 11 parasites, 11 vitamins, & 91 different symptoms).
Ultimate guide to pigeon feeds.
Eye sign 101.
Racing pigeons.
Loft management templates.
The Pigeon fancier Q & A

Pigeon Book 2

This is getting some great feedback from pigeon people…

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