Feeding Racing Pigeons – What Do Pigeons Eat?

What’s the best sort of food for feeding racing pigeons?

Ideally, Pigeons should be fed a couple of times a day with a mixture of grains and pellets.  You can get Pigeon pellets at most feed stores.

Feeding racing pigeons – supplements.

You should also give them a few “extras” that help maintain their health. These include oyster shell and grit. These contain trace elements that help to fortify the birds’ health.

Oyster shell is important as it contains calcium, which is not found in many feeding grains. As calcium is a vital ingredient in a pigeon’s diet, the addition of oyster shell is not to be overlooked when feeding racing pigeons. It really can make a difference.

There are other important minerals that often cannot be found in “normal” grains. Most commercial products have these added. These include, salt, charcoal, iron oxide, calcium carbonate, zinc oxide, granite grit, manganese oxide and anise oil. These help digestion, especially in younger birds. I would not worry too much about these as most if not all, are found in commercial feeds. Some people in the business may disagree but if you are just starting out, then it is best to have something that covers most bases. You can always do your own custom mixtures when you know what you are doing!

Some breeders introduce custom feeding regimes when their birds are about twelve weeks old. This is normally about the time when they start to fly. As you can see, feeding racing pigeons is not as difficult as you may think.

There’s a lot more detailed stuff in here…

Feeding Racing pigeons

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