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Raising Homing Pigeons

I wonder how you first got interested in raising homing pigeons?

For me, it was when I found one in the yard, being attacked by a large black crow. The poor thing was absolutely worn out and did not have enough energy left to defend itself. Well, I chased the crow off and picked the little fella up (I found out later on he was a male). I did not know at the time but he had burned off all his energy and would probably have died in a day or so (again later, an expert showed me how to find this out. His chest was almost hollow, he’d used so much energy.).

I put him in a warm box and gave him some bird seed (the wrong sort as it turned out). In the meantime, I tried to find his owner, which took a whole day of phone calls. The owner told me what to feed him on (the right sort of seeds) and he never stopped eating for the next three days. This went on until the specialist pigeon transport company arrived to take him home (this is all they do, collecting stray racing pigeons). The little fella did not even have a name but he was worth over six hundred bucks.

The courier showed me how to handle him and how to tell if he was underfed or “flown out”. He explained about the breeding and training. Just seeing those gorgeous colors got me hooked. I was really sad to see him go and it turns out that was when I first got to think about raising homing pigeons.

Feeding Racing pigeons

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